In Praise of Christian "Anarchism"

Jesus used the Greek word from which we get the English word "anarchism" when He said the kings of the Gentiles love to be "archists"  (Mark 10:42-45). An "archist" is someone who believes he has the right to impose his own will on other people by force or threats of violence which he is able and willing to carry out. Jesus said His followers are not to be "archists" but are to be "servants." True "capitalists" "serve" the customer. "The customer is king" and capitalists are their vassals.

"Liberty" = freedom from the initiation of force
"Peace" = freedom from the initiation of force

Liberty and Peace are not possible in the presence of "archists."

The Spectrum of Force

On one end of the political spectrum is maximum force. Totalitarianism
On the other end of the political spectrum is the absence of force and violence. "Anarchy"

Extreme Force

Moderate Force

Extreme "Pacifism"

Maximum government =  Communism
"Mixed Economy" =  "Kenesianism"

A truly Free Economy = 100% pure laissez-faire capitalism
Marxists speak of the "Anarchy of Production"
The Christian position = "Anarcho-Capitalism"

We've been brainwashed by Marxist government-controlled schools and media to recoil in horror at the absence of government force ("anarchism").

It is a mistake to believe that morality is the product of "the State," and that in the absence of "the State" there will be immorality.

It takes a profound shift in the direction of increased morality to reduce state power.

"The government" can only be replaced by "self-government."

Liberty must always be Liberty "Under God." Smooth commerce depends on customers who do not shoplift, and merchants who are honest.

Freedom depends on morality. "The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"
Prosperity depends on morality. "Theonomy"

The Bible says that the initiation of force or intimidation by credible threats of violence is not Christian.

The costs of doing business are lower in a Christian society than in an area where the customers think they are their own gods (Genesis 3:5). In the presence of widespread Christian morality and Christian culture, the costs of institutionalized, systematic vengeance and punitive violence against the rare dishonest customer is greater than the losses incurred by the business who takes a "pacifist" "customer is king" policy.

As Christianity is banned from the public square and merchants face increasingly dishonest customers, it is still a requirement of Christian ethics for business owners to pursue non-violent dispute resolution.

When customer morality declines, business morality also declines. Businesses turn to "archist" remedies to prop up their bottom line. Peaceful society breaks down.